Admissions / Fees


We target to maintain an affordable amount of school fees which could ensure the best value for money. All fees are reviewed annually by the Board and announced to the public in good time.
Tuition fees for 2024-2025 academic year are set as follows:
Parents/guardians must make a payment to the account of the school, as a "CONTRIBUTION" in the amount of 400,000 (four hundred thousand) tenge, which is the basis for booking a place in the class for the upcoming academic year.
The full cost of educational services for the upcoming academic year must be paid by the parents/guardians before August 20 of the current year.


The school offers the following discounts:
- Full payment for the whole academic year until 5 July - 5% discount
- Orphans and children with disabilities from childhood, invalids of I, II groups, children in whose family the only breadwinner died, upon presentation of supporting documents-20% discount
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