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Our mission

We offer an educational environment based on universal as well as national values, favorable for the harmonious formation of the student’s personality, development of functional literacy, and competitiveness.
  • To provide a safe and comfortable learning environment.
  • To improve multilingual competency.
  • To ensure the intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical development of students.
  • To form the cultural environment of the school based on national values
  • To nurture a diversified and harmoniously developed personality in the spirit of Kazakh patriotism.
  • To create a multicultural environment to strengthen inter-ethnic relations.
  • To provide student-centered learning, the development of skills and abilities to realize their potential through the use of effective and innovative learning technologies.
Core values
  • Competitive excellence
  • Family relationships
  • Responsibility
  • Cooperation
  • Fairness
  • Confidence
Our motto
Building a bright future together!
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