Science and Health Week

From 11 to 18 October 2020, the school was held a week of physics, chemistry, biology.

The purpose is to expand the scope of knowledge of students, to demonstrate laboratory work.

Physics teachers Karsabay Ermek and Yilmaz Gulshen, chemistry teachers Tyutenov Kanat, and Tatykaeva Munavvar, biology teachers Banu Tansholpan, Tyutenova Alima, Zhunussova Assel organized logic games, experiments, poster competitions, educational exhibitions during the week.

  • · In physics - competitions "Balloon car", "Spaghetti tower"
  • · Chemistry competition "Cola + Mentos"
  • · Biology competitions - Treasure Hunt, BioDance.

At the end of the week, prizes were awarded to the winning classes, and Certificates of appreciation were given to the most active students.
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