Dear parents, students of 6th and 7th grades!

Please be informed that the documents will be accepted online from May 18 to June 26, 2021! To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection during the pandemic, the registration of candidates will take place online. Legal representatives of the candidate fill in the online form for the entrance examination (application for participation) on the website

The following documents are required to participate in the entrance exam:

1) Application of the candidate from parents or other legal representatives (online form);
2) A copy of the birth certificate (scan or photo), IIN;
3) Photo (3x4).

Original documents are not required!

The entrance exam consists of 1 stage:

It will be held on June 27, 2020. Candidates take an exam in mathematics and logic and test questions on reading literacy in Kazakh or Russian. The results of the examination will be announced online by the Admissions Committee on July 4, 2020. Parents can see the results on their personal code on the website

Acceptance of documents is only ONLINE. During the entrance exam, the candidate comes to the Almaty High School for girls and completes the exam tasks. During the entrance exam, all sanitary requirements and the distance between students are observed, and antiseptics are installed in places where they are available. Good luck to you all!
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